March 6, 2015 First Friday (Movies)

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We had a fantastic experience “triking” food for the month of February. We volunteered at the Beaverton Food Bank and donated Henry’s favorite snacks to Hillsboro’s Community Action Family Shelter. Thank you to everyone who helped by volunteering, making a financial donation or by paying food forward.

PhotoGrid Food

Our First Friday “triking” theme for March is another fun filled opportunity.


“We spent many hours in the hospital with Henry. They have a few movies preprogrammed into their hospital TV system.


Luckily, one of those movies was Cars 2. Henry LOVED Cars 2. Sure, he liked the original Cars movie and he liked other movies too. But if he had his choice, it was Cars 2, all the way. Sometimes we would beg to watch another movie, but he would always win…another showing of Cars 2 (along with his favorite snack, Pirate’s Booty).


Henry loved Mater. His favorite part was when Mater ate Wasabi thinking that it was pistachio ice cream. “Do not try the pistachio ice cream. It done turn!” Henry would laugh and laugh. As would we. I miss that belly laugh.”   –written by Henry’s mom, Marla


Megan also enjoyed watching movies with her sister and friends. No movie was complete without a huge bowl of popcorn.

Megan on couch

Sweet Home Alabama was a favorite and as a child it was the Disney classics of Dumbo and Aladdin.

Megan's Movies


So our “call to action” for the month of March is centered around MOVIES.

You could:

*Purchase a ticket or popcorn for the person behind you in line at the theater.

*Leave some treats on the seats.

*Tape some money or microwave popcorn on a Red Box kiosk.

*Host a movie night for your friend’s children.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to attach a trike ticket so the recipient can pay it forward.

 Please take a photo to post on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #triked. This inspires others and encourages us as well. THANKS!

If you prefer, you can also make a tax deductible donation and we will trike in your honor. Just look for the piggy bank on our webstore.

Have fun spreading joy at the movies!



In honor of all the blood transfusions Henry received, we will be partnering with the Red Cross for our 1st annual blood drive and BBQ. It is scheduled for Saturday April 4th from 10-4 at Tualatin Valley Community Church. You can get more details and register at The sponsor code is RedTrikeBrigade (no spaces).

Thank you for giving the life giving gift of blood!