October’s Kindness Theme: FIREFIGHTERS

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Thank you to everyone who made a difference during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September. Whether it was promoting awareness by sharing our post, or making a financial donation to pediatric cancer research or simply giving a hug to someone touched by cancer. It all makes an impact. Side note from our cofounder, Pam. She personally had a very unique and special opportunity to promote cancer research. They sold their home to a cancer researcher! More to this amazing story coming soon.

Now it’s time for our next kindness theme.

October is full of excitement as kiddos anticipate how they will dress for Halloween. Henry idolized firefighters and dressed up as one for his last Halloween in 2013.


So it’s only fitting that every year for the month of October our kindness theme is firefighters. Henry’s mom, Marla shared a little story back in 2014 when we first got rolling and we would like to share it with you again.
“Whenever we were driving home, from anywhere, Henry would ask to drive by the fire trucks. He would ask to go by more than one fire station. He loved to see if the fire trucks were “awake or asleep”. If the garage doors were open, he would laugh and say “AWAKE!!” Doors closed, they were sleeping. If they weren’t in the garage they were out helping people…or at Fred Meyers Shopping Center. We could almost time our trips to Fred Meyers with the shopping schedule of our two local fire stations. We could spend 10 minutes walking around the truck…and what a great day if a fireman gave him and Owen a sticker. We would tour the stations and the boys loved sitting in the fire engines.


On a great visit, they could even spray water.

As part of Henry’s Make-A-Wish, a fire engine came to our cul-de-sac and we were taken for a ride. The boys sprayed water and climbed in the trucks. Henry’s smile was ENORMOUS!

We were honored that a few firemen came to Henry’s funeral. Such amazing people…maybe Henry was as much of a hero to them, as they were to him.”

So could you help us honor Henry’s heroes? 
You could bake them some goodies or buy them some snacks. How about a cuddly blanket or a fun pillow case for their bunks? They could also use some small plush toys to give to children when they go out on a call.
Whatever you choose to do, please make sure you attach a trike ticket. Here is the link to print them for free
Please, please, please take photos and post them to our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #triked. This not only inspires others but encourages us as well. Thank you!

PhotoGrid Fire Station 2015