First Friday (Blood Drive)

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This is the day we reveal the kindness theme for the month by sharing a short story about Henry.

Henry had infant leukemia, a rare and aggressive form of bone marrow cancer. Bone marrow helps make blood cells. Treatment included Chemotherapy, a poison which kills the cancer cells. Unfortunately, it also kills any fast growing cells. So Henry didn’t have the ability to make healthy red blood cells. The chemotherapy also killed his platelets which helps blood to clot. Many times during his 3 years of treatment, Henry’s blood counts would be critically low. He had countless blood and platelet transfusions. It was a normal activity in his life.


It amazes me still to think how many people helped to keep Henry alive. Not just the nurses and doctors, but also countless volunteers who donated  blood. Their blood and blood products helped keep Henry alive. That’s pretty cool to think about: a village of people, who donated an hour of their day to give a little boy life. I hope everyone who donates blood realizes that they are truly giving a life saving gift.

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with the Red Cross again this year for our 3rd Annual Blood Drive on Saturday, April 1st 10-4pm at Tualatin Valley Community Church in Beaverton, Or 97006.


This is an opportunity for us to give back for all the transfusions Henry received. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We have room for 60 superheroes the day of the drive. RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY at with our sponsor code: RedTrikeBrigade.

Grandpa Bob donating blood

We want to thank everyone who has helped keep Henry’s tricycle rolling, one act of kindness at a time. What better joy than to know your act of kindness may save up to 3 lives!


We are so incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to Henry’s 4th Annual Red Tricycle Brigade Toy Drive. We were able to deliver 2,635 toys to Randall Children’s Hospital on Henry’s birthday, February 9th. The extra benefit of delivery day is being able to see the smiles first hand. Another amazing part of this effort is that we have no corporate sponsors. Each and every toy was donated by individuals. Just shows you how big an impact you can make when you band together in kindness.









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