First Friday, July 8, 2016 (berries)

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We want to thank you for being patient as our tricycle was on vacation last week and First Friday for July snuck up on us. While on our trip, one of the highlights was getting fresh local produce at a farmer’s market. It reminded us of the kindness theme we shared back in July of 2014 written by Henry’s dad, Lucas. So since the markets are in full swing, we thought we would reshare it.

Henry was able to eat berries for only of few short months of his life. He was not able to have them while he was on chemo which was a big portion of his time here. But he sure made up for it in the sheer volume that he ate while he was able.


I would take the boys to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings and we would share a flat of berries. We each like different berries which conveniently reduced the fighting over them. I like raspberries. Owen ate the strawberries.

Owen loves strawberries

Henry would go to town on the blueberries. During that one summer, I’m sure he ate his weight in blueberries.

Henry needs a refill

So our kindness theme for July is centered around Henry’s love of BERRIES. If you grow berries you could give some to your neighbor. Or purchase some at the market and give them to the person behind you. If you have an abundance you could make jam and give it to a food pantry. Or maybe buy someone a piece of berry pie at a restaurant. Berry season came early this year so if there are none available you could choose something else delicious at the market. And let’s not forget the farmer’s who grow these delicious morsels. Perhaps you could think of a way to treat them as well. We would love to see how creative you can be. Please post your ideas on our Facebook page and share your photos. Don’t forget to attach a trike ticket so the recipient can pay it forward. Thanks!



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