First Friday, June 3, 2016 (Trains)

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We began this journey with no real idea of where this path would take us. We simply climbed aboard, started pedaling and kept our eyes open for opportunities to spread joy. The ride on this tricycle of kindness has been amazing so far and we have made great friends along the way. We hope you have been inspired and encouraged as we share Henry stories and “triking” kindness ideas.  The FIRST FRIDAY of each month we set a new kindness theme. For June we will be sharing Henry’s passion for another mode of transportation other than his treasured tricycle as told by his dad, Lucas.

“I don’t remember when trains became such a big deal in our house, but they certainly were a big part of our world for a couple of years. Henry’s favorite thing to do was RIDE MAX. We’d wake up in the morning, watch 2 episodes of Thomas the Train, then head to the Max station. Henry would push the buttons to buy tickets.


While waiting for the train to arrive, he would keep a close eye on everyone to make sure we weren’t too close to the tracks. When the train arrived he’d hop on and start the long arduous process of deciding where to sit.


Then we would just RIDE! He’d stare out the window, usually with a big, silly grin on his face.  When a train passed us going the other way he would yell out “Another Train!”


We would ride Max several times each week. Towards the end Henry would mostly sleep on the train. I don’t know if we kept taking him on the train for him…or for us. Maybe we just wanted to stay on the train a little longer. One more stop maybe.



So for the month of June we are asking our trikesters to go out and do an act of kindness in honor of Henry’s love of TRAINS.

*Buy someone a ticket for the max or zoo train

*Leave $ at the ticket kiosk

*Hand out goodies on the train

*Give a Thomas the Train toy to a child

If you don’t have a train in your community then trike your local public transportation or consider making a tax deductible donation and we will trike in your honor. Whatever you choose to do make sure you attach a trike ticket so the recipient can pay it forward. They can be  printed for free from our link:


Please post your photos on our Facebook page or on Instagram with #triked


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