First Friday May 6th, 2016 (Coffee & Flowers)

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This is the day we share the kindness theme for the month of May. We’d like to celebrate our birthday month by repeating the theme that launched this little tricycle of kindness back on May 1, 2014. On that very first day, we bought people COFFEES and handed out FLOWERS. It’s one of the easiest and most popular ways to share kindness and joy to those around you.

launch day

Henry knew the power behind a cup of coffee. His mom, Marla works the night shift as a nurse. Here’s a little gem of a story written by her last year.

Henry knew my love for coffee. When we were out driving he would say we should go to “Black Rock” or “Coffee Rush” (two of my go-to drive-thru stops). He would yell for me to get coffee and sometimes be mad when I didn’t stop. Henry could sign “coffee” using sign language. If I mentioned I was tired, he would sign “Mom needs coffee”.  He never got a treat at a coffee stop except when we were at the coast. It was a tradition that after our time on the beach, we would find the boys some “warm cocoa”. It didn’t matter how hot the day was at the beach, we would get them their cocoa and Lucas and I would get a coffee. While it may be my addiction, I love how coffee almost always brings a smile to my face. I think Henry knew that too. 


The possibilities for this theme are endless. You could purchase the person behind you in line a coffee. Or give someone a coffee gift card. Or leave a pot of flowers for a coworker. Or buy a bouquet at the farmer’s market and give them to a stranger. Or help someone weed their flower bed. Just make sure you attach a trike ticket so the recipient can pay it forward.

 We couldn’t keep this tricycle rolling without supporters like you.

Since our first day we have personally “triked” over 7,000 people with simple acts of kindness. These include giving away coffees, flowers,  train passes, lunches, lollipops, dog toys, root beer floats, movie tickets, grocery gift cards, children’s snacks to a family shelter, goodies to fire fighters, pajamas to foster kids, cards and snacks to overseas military, and the highlight of our year is the toy drive for the patients at Randall Children’s Hospital. This year we donated 2,650 toys. And all along the way, we have been overwhelmed by your wonderful support through messages, donations, social media likes and “trikes” of your own. We appreciate every one of you who have hopped aboard this little 3 wheeler of kindness.

To say thank you and to add a little fun we are having a giveaway. Post a photo of your act of kindness and you will be entered to receive a $25 coffee gift card. You can post them on our Facebook page or if you prefer you can post to Instagram with #trikeacoffee.

meg instagram coffee

Here’s to another year of spreading joy, one small act of kindness at a time!


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