First Friday, February 5, 2016 (Furry Friends)

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It’s time to reveal our new kindness theme for the month of February. But before we do, we must take a moment and thank you all for helping us make “Henry’s 3rd Annual Red Tricycle Brigade Toy Drive” a fabulous success. Each and every toy represents a lot of love and will bring great joy to a patient at Randall’s Children Hospital. We will be delivering the toys on Henry and Megan’s birthday, February 9th and look forward to sharing all the details with you (including our final count) in a separate post next week.

For First Friday this month we have decided to share a story about a very special toy and is written by Henry’s mom, Marla. Please share with your family and friends and help keep our little tricycle of kindness rolling.


Henry’s absolute favorite toy was a little dog named “Doggie.” He loved Doggie and would sleep with him every single night. Doggie would go everywhere with Henry including to the hospital. Sometimes they even got to spend time with the therapy dogs that visited the patients.


Doggie was very special to Henry. After Henry died, I put Doggie in the closet with some other special toys. A few months ago, Owen asked if he could have Doggie for his room.

Henry and Owen with stuffed toys

At first, I said no. I said I was worried our dog Banner would find him. Owen assured me he would take good care of him. So, Doggie went to live in Owen’s room. He was placed on the top bunk, guarded by two bears. All of Owen’s animals live on the top bunk, so that Banner doesn’t get into trouble.

Occasionally, Owen will tell us that Doggie is sad and misses Henry. But he reassures us that the other animals all tell stories about Henry to help cheer him up. Sometimes, they even keep Owen awake, laughing about Henry. I am so thankful that I gave Doggie to Owen. I didn’t know that Doggie missed Henry as much as I do. I am thankful that we both have friends that help us laugh and think of Henry.


Megan also had a special dog in her life and her name was Molly. Megan and Molly (along with little sister Alli) had many adventures growing up. Whether it was a romp through the woods or a snuggle during Saturday morning cartoons, Molly was always there. There’s really nothing quite like the loyal and unconditional love that a dog can give…either real or stuffed.

So our kindness theme for February is centered around our FURRY FRIENDS!

Here are a few ideas:

Take some dog toys to a local dog park

Donate to a rescue shelter

Check with your local animal shelters or kennels for items to donate. Even a simple towel to dry off paws can make a big difference

Offer to walk you neighbor’s dog

Whatever you choose to do, please remember to attach a trike ticket and post your photos on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #triked.

PAW IT FORWARD and help keep this tricycle of kindness rolling!

Paw it Forward

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