July 3, 2015 First Friday (Planes)

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We certainly enjoyed spreading kindness in honor of Henry’s love for TRAINS last month. Thank you to everyone who joined the fun and welcome to all our new friends we made at the 1st annual Love Rocks Run.

June Trikes

Each month we share a story that sets the kindness theme. First Friday for July is written by Henry’s mom, Marla.


Henry loved trains, but that’s not the only form of transportation he loved. He also followed in Lucas’ love of airplanes and helicopters.

GetAttachment (3)

We would often go to Hillsboro Airport, stand behind the chain fence and watch airplanes land and take off.


We would awe at the helicopters rotors spin as they readied for flight. Occasionally, on a slow day, a pilot would take us to a plane and let the boys sit inside.

untitled (2)

During chemotherapy, those trips were “easy”: not a lot of people around, a short trip from our house, and huge smiles on all the boys faces (Lucas included).

We had books about planes that we would read, he knew the first plane to break the sound barrier was the Bell X-1.


We would find other airports to have lunches at, Twin Oaks being a favorite.


He really wanted to go on a jumbo jet, and for his Make-a-Wish, we wanted to take him on a large airplane. Unfortunately, with his lack of immune system, we were told we couldn’t do it… so we did the next best thing, a seaplane ride out of Seattle.

Seaplane make-a-wish

It was fun to see his face light up, along side Owen and Lucas’, around a common love.


Our call to action for July is centered around PLANES. This is especially timely since we will be volunteering at the Oregon International Air Show on July 17th. If you happen to be there for the Friday night Fireworks show, stop by, say hi and buy a delicious burger. While you’re there, don’t forget to trike someone.

Here are some ideas for “trikes” this month:

*Buy someone a treat at an Air Show

*Give a book, pack of gum, etc. to a fellow passenger on a plane

*Leave toy planes at a park

*Donate books about planes to one of our favorite charities, The Boxes of Love Project

Whatever you choose to do please remember to attach a trike ticket. This is our version of a pay it forward card. You can print them for free at www.theredtricyclebrigade.com/print-you-trike-tickets.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you could take a photo and post it on our social media pages. This inspires others and encourages us.

This little 3 wheeler can’t wait to FLY. Thank you for helping us spread our wings!

Airplane trike theme

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