February 6, 2015 First Friday (Food Drive)

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January’s First Friday was extra special for us. We asked you to donate toys to Henry’s 2nd Annual Red Tricycle Toy Drive. We are thrilled to announce, that with your generous help, we not only achieved our goal of 1,500 toys…we surpassed it! We were able to donate nearly 2,000 toys to the kids at Randall Children’s Hospital on Henry and Megan’s birthday, February 9th. Trying to find the right words to adequately describe our deepest thanks to all the individuals who contributed and who we now call “friends”. We thought these words from Buzz Lightyear would be appropriate. Our gratitude goes…TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

2015 Toy Drive

You can find links to the media coverage here: http://www.theredtricyclebrigade.com/media

February’s First Friday snuck up on us since we’ve been so focused on the toy drive and we overlap by a few days. But we are excited to share with you a story about Henry that naturally leads to another great opportunity for everyone to make an impact in their community. It is written by his mom, Marla.

If you asked me what Henry’s favorite color was, I would tell you orange. His favorite food: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and Pirate’s Booty.

GetAttachment (2)

Every 4 weeks, during chemotherapy, Henry would have 5 days of high dose steroids. We dreaded these weeks. He would scream and cry and sometimes he just needed to eat, nonstop.  His cravings all seemed to have something in common…they were all orange. In just a week he could devour 2 huge Costco sized bags of Pirates Booty. Other weeks, he would scream for Macaroni and Cheese… sometimes specifically “Sponge Bob” Mac and Cheese. Tillamook cheese and Cheetos topped the list as well and one week he even craved butter.


After he was done with chemo, his cravings calmed. He didn’t eat the huge quantities of food he did on steroid weeks. But he would always try to sneak a bag of Pirate’s Booty into the shopping cart. And if you asked him what he wanted for dinner, the answer was always the same.


Towards the end all we wanted was for him to eat something. He would of course ask for Mac and Cheese and we would surround his bowl with all his colorful choices of Gatorade. He would sometimes take just one bite and be done. I haven’t cooked a single box of Macaroni and Cheese since Henry died. That little blue box holds too many memories.

So Trikesters, our “call to action” for the month of February is centered around FOOD.

*Donate food items to the Food Bank or a local food pantry
*Volunteer at a Food Bank
*Deliver a meal to a family in need
*Leave a grocery gift card to be found by the next customer
*Invite friends over for Mac ‘n Cheese and share about our nonprofit
 Remember to attach a trike ticket so the recipient can pay it forward. http://www.theredtricyclebrigade.com/printyourtriketickets
 And PLEASE post photos on our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #triked. This not only inspires others, it encourages us as well.

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