January 2, 2015 First Friday (Toy Drive)

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December’s #hugs4joy fundraiser was a fabulous success! We reached our goal of 5oo hugs and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Hug collage #2

THANKS to all of you who “embraced” the event and posted your photos of a hug. We raised $500 for this month’s trike theme. Each photo also brightened our day and made our hearts smile during this difficult month. That’s simply priceless! So thank you again from the bottom of our smiling hearts!


The First Friday for January is written by Henry’s mom, Marla.

Every Wednesday that we were in the hospital, BINGO would come on the TV at 1:00 pm. Jessica, who is a child life therapist at Randall Children’s Hospital, would start the game. Since it was on the TV we could play from our room and when we got a BINGO we could call in and claim our prize. Every child playing would win.


These toys provided much needed entertainment, as hours sitting in a hospital room can seem like an eternity. When we would check into the hospital, Thomas the Train toys would greet us in our room. The staff at Randalls knew that Thomas was Henry’s favorite. After a lumbar puncture, chemotherapy, a blood transfusion or any other procedure that kept us in the Day Treatment Unit for hours, both boys would get a toy.


When Henry was feeling well enough, we would all go to the play room and play with endless amounts of toys. If Henry was too tired, one of us would go with Owen to play in the room.


The boys loved getting these small treasures. What kid doesn’t want a new toy, especially when having to endure so much. I treasured the smiles on their faces.


Last year, after Henry died, we decided we wanted to help provide those smiles. Kids shouldn’t be in a hospital, but if they are, they should at least be able to smile with a new toy. By doing this toy drive annually, it helps keep Henry’s memory alive. And to us, that  means the world. Big toys, small toys, girl toys, boy toys, baby toys, teenage toys…they are all needed. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Please help put a smile on these kids’ faces.


Our “call to action” for the month of January is to…

DONATE A TOY to Henry’s 2nd Annual Red Tricycle Toy Drive

Last year we collected over 600 toys. Our goal for this year is 1,500. It’s a big goal so we will definitely need the help of all of our  trikesters.

We will be delivering the toys to Randall Children’s Hospital on February 9th which is Henry and Megan’s birthday.

You have several different options on how to participate.

1. Purchase a toy off our Amazon Wish List. This is the simplest way and the toys will be delivered directly to us. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/?ie=UTF8&cid=A1DN3C84MBUQ65

2. Shop your local stores and drop off toys at either one of our homes or at drop off locations that we will publicize on our Facebook page throughout the month.

3. Send us gift cards to Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer etc. and we will go shopping for you! Message us and we will give you the address to mail them. Cash donations can also be made on our online store.

4. Host your own toy drives at work, church, school, baby showers, etc. and we will make arrangements to come pick them up (within the Portland Metro area)

5. If you are not able to help this year, that’s ok. We need treasure hunters too. If you find a great deal please let us know and we will send out shoppers! This will be an annual event so keep a lookout all year long.


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