December 5, 2014 First Friday (Hugs)

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We had great fun in November “triking” our furry friends! We handed out free dog toys at local dog parks, donated dog food, cat toys, and old towels, found the perfect stuffed bunnies for foster kids and had a #petmugshot contest.


The First Friday for the month of December is a bit somber for us. We lost Megan 6 years ago on the 10th and Henry just last year on the 20th.


Both our families have made the conscious choice to honor their lives by sharing kindness with others. So in this month that marks the darkest days of sorrow for our families, we are asking for your help to spread as much joy and love as possible. The following story will introduce our theme and is written by Henry’s mom, Marla.

Every night after we tucked the boys into bed, both Owen and Henry would call us back in for one more “hug and kiss.” I remember many nights, after we had gone downstairs, Owen would sleepily come down the stairs to tell us Henry needed one more hug.


I’ll admit there were times that after a few extra hugs we would tell him no more. But now, I sure do miss those hugs. I miss him yelling after us, “love you to the moon…and back!!” I miss holding him and feeling his arms around me.


I miss joking that his hugs were so tight I couldn’t breathe. I miss Henry hugs.


Owen and I hug…a lot. His hugs make my heart smile. I hug him so tight that occasionally he tells me through laughter “you’re breaking my bones.”


 Owen gives “super famous hugs” so tight you don’t have to hug him back…he’s just stuck to you.


 I love hugs. They are spreading love from one to another. A simple act that means so much.

So our “call to action” for December is quite simple:


Then could you please brighten our day and make our hearts smile by posting a photo on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #hugs4joy.

To help the cause we have an anonymous donor who will give our nonprofit $1 for every hug posted (up to $500). So please get the word out and share our site and story with all your family and friends.


Spreading hope, love and joy through simple acts of kindness…(HUGS)

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