November 7, 2014 First Friday (Pets)

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The month of October was a flaming success!

We loved seeing all the joy shared with Henry’s heroes at the fire stations from

Gresham to Warrenton and Independence Oregon to Seattle Washington.


This month’s First Friday is also centered around heroes…furry ones and is shared by both Megan and Henry.

Megan had a heart for all creatures, great and small.

Fuzzy, scaly, hopping, swimming it didn’t matter. As long as it had a heartbeat she loved it.


And her favorite of them all was Molly.


Molly and Megan, along with little sister Allison, had many adventures growing up.

Whether it was a romp through the woods or a snuggle during Saturday morning cartoons,

Molly was a trooper and an excellent pillow.  She was a sweet bundle of golden love!

There’s nothing quite like the loyal and unconditional love that a dog can give.

Henry was also lucky enough to enjoy the love of a dog as shared by his mom Marla.

Henry’s favorite toy was a little dog he slept with. He called him “Doggie.” Doggie went a lot of places with us including the hospital. Occasionally, if we were lucky, we would get visited by the therapy dogs. These dogs and their owners would go room to room, letting kids play with them. Our favorite was a yellow lab named Bailey. Bailey would hop up on the bed and Henry would put Doggie right to her face as if to introduce the two. Both boys would use Bailey as a pillow, pet her, and loved to talk to her. If we were on the floor playing, Bailey would get down too so she could be part of the entertainment. I loved our time with the therapy dogs.


We got a puppy, Banner, a few months ago. Owen told  me the other day that he was pretty sure Henry would have loved Banner. When I asked why, he said,

“I love Henry and I love Banner. I think Henry would have liked Banner’s kisses.”     I think so too.


So our “call to action” for the month of November is centered around our furry friends (dogs, cats, rabbits or whatever holds your heart).


You could take some dog toys to a local dog park. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog. Check with your local animal shelters or kennels for items to donate. Even a simple towel to dry off some paws can make a difference. Remember to attach a trike ticket and post your photos on our Facebook Page or on Instagram with the hashtag #triked.


Here are a few links to some area organizations for more ideas.  (Hondo Dog Park)   (Bonnie L. Hayes Animal Shelter)   (Northwest Animal Companions)   (Indigo Animal Rescue)

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